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Laser Light Show Definitions (what industry terms mean)

ILDA ILDA is an acronym for the International Laser Display Association. ILDA is the trade organization that sets the Industry Standards for Entertainment Laser Shows. They do everything from promoting a better understanding between laser display professionals and regulatory agencies to setting the technical standards for the ILDA connector on the back of your Laser Projector plus much more....

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ILDA Laser pinout

The chart below lists pins for the ILDA DB-25F female connector. This connector conforms to the ILDA DB-25 connector standard. The ILDA standard uses differential signals for projector inputs, primarily because they are more immune to noise. For example, you will see X+ and X- signals defined below. The positive indicates a normal signal; the negative indicates an inverted signal. Projectors...

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How to control a laser show, from a GrandMA Lighting Console

  GrandMA 2 Definitions Download   DMX Fixture definitions provided by Mr. Jens Poehlker from MA Lighting company. These are fixture definitions for LD2000, FB3 and FB4. Note that these only work with the grandMA2. If there are any changes or update suggestions, please contact GrandMA...

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Understanding zones and working with multiple lasers

When ever we are talking about laser output with Pangolin software, we are also talking about Pangolin’s exclusive ILDA-Award-winning Projection Zones technology, which allows to use separate projection areas (zones) either from a single laser projector, or up to many laser projectors. Projection Zones combine a scanner (laser) selection with Geometric Correction for that particular zone,...

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How to control a laser, from a DMX console

Standard lighting and laser light are a perfect combination at a event. More and more it is operated by the same person, that does lighting for years, with his standard lighting control equipment. Show laser have been used a lot in discothecs and at outdoor events in the past, but now also find their way more and more into industrial and high class event productions. The way the laser is...

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Where to get FREE laser shows

Laser shows are the emotional event, that are lasers build for. If you are a laserist, you have certainly seen a lot of laser shows over the time – free laser shows and commercial ones. If you are new to lasers, you perhaps came to lasers by being at an event where a laser show has been performed. All in all there is no light like laser light. Different kinds laser shows Laser shows appear...

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How to draw in laser

Graphics are the essential base of any laser show. Many laser control software solutions come with a base stock of already pre-made graphics and animation, Pangolin Software even with a large amount of professional graphics and animation for many occasions. But though there are tons of high quality laser images in Pangolin software and there are many more available by the Pangolin Cloud build-in...

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Audience Scanning safety

Making shows safe and enjoyable By William R. Benner, Jr. (An earlier version of this article originally appeared in the fall 1997 edition of The Laserist Magazine.) Successfully determining the safety level of an Audience Scanning show requires not only the proper tools, but also an understanding of the theory behind safety exposure limits and the ability to correctly interpret measurement...

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beyond-awesome-rainbow-colors laser photos

How to take good laser photos

Taken from a email conversation: Digital cameras for good laser photos I have had good results with the Kodak DC260 series (now the DC290). This is a megapixel digital camera with the ability to manually control the shutter. The DC260 series can take time exposures up to 16 seconds(!). As explained below in the film camera section, it is important to be able to take long time exposures. Around 1...

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